Truck/Tractor Pull Rules / Ant. Tractor Pull



 Trac Truck Pull

Ant TPull

6200 Lb. Modified Street Stock 4x4 pick up (GAS ONLY)

  1. Cast iron blocks only, aluminum intakes ,any cast iron OEM cylinder head permitted.  No Pro Stock type cylinder heads, sheet metal, or tunnel ram intakes permitted. No dry sump oiling systems.
  2. A  505 cu. In. limit. (Will be checked)
  3. 850 cfm max. will be checked with plug. (go-no –go)
  4. Open headers permitted, must exit down and back.
  5. Engine must be same make as truck and the back side of block must be at least 15” behind the center of front axle.
  6. Transmission, transfer case front, and rear end must be OEM, 1 Ton or less.
  7. Heavy duty aftermarket drive train parts can be used in OEM housings.
  8. Factory frames only, no tube chassis.
  9. Traction bars are permitted.
  10. Solid or block suspension permitted front and rear.
  11. Max.  wheel base is 140 center to center. Front weight bracket 60” from center of front axle to furthest point forward.
  12. Hitch must be a minimum of 36” from center or the rear axle and a maximum height of 26”.
  13. Hitch can be adjustable, but must be stationary in all directions when pulling.
  14. Hitch must not be above frame rails, pivot point can be no farther forward than center of rear axle.
  15. Hitch must be 3 ¾ x 1” thick.
  16. Cab must have factory sheet metal and windows.
  17. Must have good solid bed floors.
  18. Flat beds are permitted as long as they are factory built or heavier.
  19. Fiberglass hoods and hood scoops are permitted.
  20. Batteries and fuel tanks must be in stock location or in bed.
  21. Any street legal DOT approved tire.    
  22. Maximum tire size is 36” tall by 16” wide. No cut or sharpened tires allowed.
  23. No nitrous or any pressurized fuels.
  24. Pump gas or racing gas only, no alcohol or nitro permitted.
  25. Drive shaft  loops , U- joint  shields, blow proof bell housing or transmission blanket , and  kill  switches are required.